Were the Miracles Performed by Jesus Real?

Christ performed real miracles. He performed actions which the powers of human nature cannot perform, actions which make an exception to all the laws of Creation.

He performed such actions often; He performed them in the full light of day, in the streets, in the public places, in the presence of His friends, before immense crowds, under the scrutinizing gaze of His enemies. His contemporaries never called these miracles in question; His enemies attributed them to the influence of the evil spirits.

They are so intimately connected with the other facts of His life, with His preaching, passion and death, that they cannot be eliminated without destroying the whole Gospel narrative…

The crown of all the miracles of Jesus is His own Resurrection. As a witness to His Divinity it has a threefold value: it is not only a miracle, but also the fulfillment of a prophecy, and it was the preaching of the Gospel of the Resurrection converted the world to the Religion of Christ.

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